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the GazettE @ 大宮ソニックシティ OMIYA 2DAYS

Oh yeah~ I'm back.


The 8th of November was the start of OMIYA 2DAYS, and me and bottledfreedom got there really early to get merch for people who  wanted tour goods. The first annoying thing was that even though I was 5th in the merch line because I got there early just for them,  the 4 people in front of me took all the cosmetic pouches! So I only managed to get 1. Luckily I managed to get 5 the next day, but I was pretty 'grr' because we woke up early, which killed us, because we love sleep.

Yeah. We waited over 2 hours too >: Well, damn. But we did spend the rest of the day wandering around and getting to know the general area, which was good, since we were going to be here tomorrow too. While walking around though, we ran into a...rocket. I don't know why I'm surprised, really. Just...why Japan, why. <3

So anyway....

The doors opened at 6pm, and the live started at 6:30pm. Tonight was a really good live.


痴情 (chijou)
Filth in the beauty

Ride with the ROCKERS
LINDA~candydive pinky heaven~


Of course, we expected these songs in this order, but being able to predict them was fun in itself. For this live, the notes below aren't in any proper order...mostly because GazettE is like radiation to me, they fuck my mind up.

During CLEVER MONKEY, there was no guitar intro. Uruha either forgot to change his guitar (unlikely) or it stopped working completely, because he tried to play and no notes came out. He was fast though: he just got that guitar off his back and the staff member was already throwing a new one over his shoulders before long. It was odd, because for maybe the first 12 seconds it was just Aoi playing. But very interesting to hear what a difference it made with only one guitar for a bit. Uruha didn't seem mad about it or anything, but that's cause he's too cool for rage (unless he's driving apparently).

They changed some of the background images and videos too. Makes me really curious to see how they'll be for OMEGA, because the little changes are becoming so good, and they're only getting better. There's a big new intro to THE SUICIDE CIRCUS which is just....oh god, there are no words. When it started, I had no idea what song it was. I was so excited, and it's only made the song even better. The fact they probably composed these little things (There's a new SE too!) while on tour...I hope they don't over do it, making noise this good doesn't come without hard work.

During RIDE WITH THE ROCKERS, Kai was wearing geek glasses. It. Was. Glorious. He also threw his drumsticks, and managed to get one up to the top floor. Aoi wasn't wearing his ROCK AND READ outfit this time, which is odd. He had those tight leather pants on instead, and like at Tokyo Dome, I realized oddly that he has really strong legs. I'd hate to get a kick off that guy.

Before the actual live started, Suzuki (GazettE's manager) was doing the furi with the fans, fist pumping and then...he air humped. Oh god. What the....GazettE, Sakai may be gone, but your management still rocks. I love how even staff love their jobs, lol.

There was about 11 foreign fans there, maybe more too. After the first few lives they pretty much disappeared (probably went home, unless they live here) but they just seemed to flock a bit at this live. The seats were scattered out though, some GFC, some Heresy.

Reita's speaking again too. At the last lives, he wasn't speaking at all, and everyone was really worried. I don't remember much of what he said, only a few small details. 'Hey Omiya...it's been a while since we last had a chat, huh? I'm sorry to have worried you all.' And Kai also apologized for the worry of Reita losing his voice the last few lives. It gives everyone a scare when their health takes a lesser turn while on tour, especially because lives are such hard work.

Ruki used to do some really messed up dancing in their indie days, which was absolutely adorable, mostly because he thought he was so fly. And it's back! A MOTH UNDER THE SKIN came on, and his furi like dances came back with it. Oh lord, this man. Whenever I see him do those....moves, I'm thinking 'Love like you've never been hurt before, work like you're not paid to, and dance like no one's watching'. I wish I had the confidence to dorky dance that way.

Aoi also did a really weird dance involving arms and hips. Can't remember which song it is though, but you have to love that man. The whole band really is just a bunch of dorks sometimes, really.

MY DEVIL ON THE BED too, Ruki grabbed this imaginary person in front of him, and fucked them on stage. His facial expression was hilarious. Those were some massive hip thrusts. He looked severely pissed off while doing them too. The awkward moment where the sex song becomes a rape song >.> I guess.

When Kantou came on, Ruki shouted 'Omiya Dogeza' instead of 'Kantou Dogeza' haha. He did that at Chiba too. Which is weird because both Chiba and Omiya city are IN Kantou. Getting on the floor and bruising myself during this song is pure bliss, because the whole hall does it too. Aoi got in front of Reita and played his bass, Aoi played Uruha's guitar, and Ruki and Uruha started shooting each other with their hands, lol. 

Reita and Ruki took the cake though for this live. At first, Ruki was standing on the platform, and Reita came and just pressed himself against Ruki's chest, his forehead pressed just below Ruki's collar bone, who wrapped his arms around Reita in an awkward sort of embrace. Reita then got down and started playing again, and Ruki stopped and put his arm around his shoulders, and the other one holding the mic was resting in Reita's hair. It was amusing how for a good minute they just stood there, Ruki singing into Reita's hair, haha. Reita seems to get used by everyone, poor guy. Granted, he doesn't seem to mind, and just asks for it.

Kantou was the last song. Everyone left afterwards, and then I spotted....HIM. Everyone should know about HIM, really. HE is a Reita cosplayer. He cosplays Reita's MAD MARBLE HELL VISION look, with the KISS MY SPERM Bandana. His girlfriend is a Ruki cosplayer, and he has the deepest voice ever. And this insane arrogant, gangster like walk. This guy demands authority, seriously. I asked him for a photo, he blinked slowly, then nodded like a badass mofo. I died.

He takes off his jacket and bandana during the live too. He's got arms like Reita. There were so many Reita love children at this live, but this guy was epic. 

Anyway, after the live we grabbed some Starbucks, and headed home. We didn't fall asleep until about 4....then had to get up at 9ish for the next live. So....


Guys. Guys.

No seriously, guys. Listen to this.

That night was the best night so far. Aoi was a trolling bitch to the whole fandom, Ruki's cute factor hit and all time high, Reita was full of himself in the best of ways, Kai and Uruha were the coolest dudes ever, and I love this band and want to bottle the emotions they give me and sell them.

Anyway, the 9th of November is the second of what Ruki called, complete with Engrish 'OMIYA 2 DAYS'. I actually wrote this report before the 8th, because I was so hyper over it. I don't even know where to begin.

First of all, me and kotsurin had to get up early, which killed us. We had a live the night before, which destroyed our bodies. We run a non-profit shopping service called gazettophilia for fans wanting to buy GazettE things. I tried to get all the things yesterday, but even though we were like, 4th in line for the merch queue, the cosmetic pouch was sold out. So we managed to get the first in the queue this time and grabbed them for everyone, which really made me happy.

It might not seem early, but we didn't manage to catch our train to the venue until about 12ish because we only fell asleep at 4 after fawning over such good live music from the night before. I was worried we'd be late for the merch again, but it turns out it was pointless because we got there first. I flipped out when I saw no one queuing, danced and everything and probably looked like someone mentally unstable. But hey, it's GazettE. Mental Instability is allowed. 

While we were waiting, Japanese fans started queuing behind us. They said hello, and just thought we were adorable haha, and kept telling us so. Especially when I would eat Julia's clothes and she'd hit me for it. Can I just, take all these adorable fans home with me? Really?

Also, the barrier rope used to keep everyone in line was silver. I shouldn't be surprised by this really, it somehow reaks of Ruki, despite the fact he's probably too busy to choose the rope colors for the merch line. 


Now, not related to the live, but I feel everyone should know about our eating habits. It's becoming a sort of tradition to go to 7-eleven while waiting for lives/merch to open, and we always buy ピザまん, which is literally just a Japanese steamed bun filled with pizza sauce and cheese. Japan is so convenient with their products, seriously. Have one if you ever come here. 

Luckily we got in and got the merch, and got everything we wanted. Just as well. The pain of waking up in the morning was unbearable. 

Spent this live with the lovely chivakaza and her friend as well. We weren't sitting together, but it was great to see these girls again. We'll see them at the Utsunomiya live in a few weeks, which will be great. I miss you all already. (God I'm bad at taking photos)

We got in at 6pm, and found our seats pretty quickly. Julia found her seat, but....some German fan was sitting in it. There was 2 of them. One of them has been elbowing her the whole tour for god knows what reason (We've never spoken/ done anything to her...). They left, so Julia took her seat as printed on her ticket, and when they came back, they were quite rude and said 'You're in our seat.' We had asked them what seats they had earlier and they said 'these ones', which obviously was a lie. When Julia showed them her ticket, they went 'Oh shit' and the one who stole her seat had to move.  I wasn't sitting with kotsurin this time either, but that's because I was second row in front of Ruki. The man was seemingly within arms reach, the whole band was so close. I've had front seats every live pretty much, but this was something else. I could see every bead of sweat, every detail, it was...insane. Put it this way- I noticed a small spot where Aoi forgot to shave, which made me lol, because I love those human moments, and I also wasn't that surprised because seriously- it's Aoi. He's a tard, and he's epic.

The setlist was out first surprise of the night. At every live, me and Julia look at each other and predict the next song. The setlists have been pretty much the same songs, in the exact same order, so when Filth in the Beauty came on 4th, we were thrown for an insane curve ball. Glorious.

(thanks to Julia for the setlist)
04.Filth in the beauty


E1.Ride with the ROCKERS
E5.LINDA~candydive Pinky heaven~
E6.Akai One Piece


WE1.Kantou dogeza kumiai

I love when I just know VENOMOUS SPIDERS WEB coming on, and we all start jumping and shouting the 'Pain-Grudge-Sorrow-Fury-Delete-Headache-Hang up-Dizzy bit, then the guitars start, and BAM instead headbanging orgy. It's so crazy you have to hold the seat in front of you just so you won't fall over. We also noticed that there were two photographers taking HQ photos the whole gig, so maybe a magazine shoot will be posted? I hope so. If that's the case, I'll post them here when they come out.

The new Intro to THE SUICIDE CIRCUS really is amazing. No, it's stunning. I love it so much already. I knew what it was this time, and there's already a furi been invented for it, which is always fun. What was quite crazy was the song after it though: My Devil on the Bed.

By now I'm sure everyone knows about the cane, but Ruki's added some....very, very violent air thrusts into it. I mean, jesus, I'm surprised he didn't dislocate a hip. Whatever devil's been on his bed has nerves of steel I tell you. STEEL. 

Also, at the end of the song, the lights all went dark. The only reason I saw it was because he was right in front of me, but he took the cane, and ran his tongue all the way from base to tip, really slowly. He then put the cane behind him, where Kai picked it up and swung it around (whut). A pink spotlight on Ruki came back on, and he was making devil horns with his pinkie fingers, and had this psychopath cute grin plastered on his face. Oh you.

During CHIJOU, I noticed that the whole song, Ruki was....belly dancing. No, no, you read that right. With all clothes on obviously, but he was definitely belly dancing, and he did it really well. He'd wind and unwind his hands over head, and move his hips in this perfect dancer motion, where his stomach moved but his whole lower body stayed still, it was wonderful to watch. He really is full of surprises. The video playing behind the band was this woman with a snake winding it's way around her neck, arms and breasts. Ooh.

The way Ruki took the lit candle from the drum stand for UNTITLED was beautiful. He held it with so much care, placed it down as if it was something truly precious, and blew it out at the end with such slow swiftness it only made me bawl harder. Yeah, I suck.

HESITATING MEANS DEATH was played again dkjdgkdgn. UGH. THIS SONG. The best bit is the end. If you've seen the NLSB live at Budokan, then you'll know the ending riff is repeated like...5 times longer, getting faster and faster, and it's a real challenge to head bang to. I hope we get it for Omega. 

VERMIN was next. The Furi where you shoot Ruki with your hands is fun. Especially when he moves around and everyone follows him. 

HEADACHE MAN- Great. Everyone spins around, throws their arms up, and the whole isle moves about 5 seats left, then 5 seats right. I was headbanging, and obviously so was the girl next to me was too, and our heads hit at one point. It bruised my head, as we collided quite hard. We were too high on adrenaline to care though, but the problem was because of the crash, I bit my tongue. Blood was running out my mouth a bit, and the girl was freaking out apologizing like mad, but it's all cool. I didn't die or anything. Granted, it would have been a pretty cool way to go.

It seemed karma was on my side too, because Reita threw a pick, and I caught it right in my hand. Now I have Aoi's pick from Chiba, and Reita's pick from Omiya. What's great is these picks aren't sold either <3 He has two picks like Uruha, a black one and a white one.

Now, the best bit of this live lies in the encore. It usually does. But if you've read this far, you're reaching the best bits. Stay tuned for some epic shit. Aoi fans will love this man. Note that this part is too epic, so it won't be in order, just as I remember things. 

I can't remember what song it was, but Reita was right up at the edge of the stage, rocking it out, playing his bass, doing his thing. And Aoi came up behind him and....pushed him off stage. He caught him obviously before he fell, but Reita's reaction. Aoi just grabbed his shoulders and shoved a bit, and Reita jumped about a mile, his eyes were actually scared. Aoi, you asshole. 

Speaking of Aoi, around the same time, there was a staff member fixing Uruha's equipment on stage. Still playing his guitar, he went over to the poor man, leaned right over him and invaded his personal space, and when the staff member realized he was trapped he was like '...uhhh * disappears*' Aoi was in a big mood for making people feel uncomfortable tonight, that big troll <3.

Kai came out for Ride with the Rockers with geek glasses on! He kept them on for half the song, and it was absolutely adorable. Kai is great because he doesn't need to try to be noticed. He's just a glowing entity all of his own. His MCs and screaming of 'Kakatte Koi!' get me every time. It gives me chills. What a pair of lungs he has to be able to scream that raw and loud.#

Reita was spinning his bandanna around over his head at some point, which is funny cause he took it off ages ago and I have no idea where he got it from. That man is magic. Reita got his ass kicked by Aoi literally at some point, which doesn't surprise me in the slightest because a) Aoi was in a superior mood that night and b) Reita always seems to get the shit.

Reita was also messing around with this tongue a lot. Like in DIM SCENE but more so. I'll never understand how these random urges seem to grab each member on certain nights ♥ Reita also kissed Ruki's cheek.

The members also spoke to each other quite a bit. I'd love to know what they said. On stage, Ruki put an arm round Reita's shoulders and put the mic to his mouth, and although Reita opened his mouth to say something, he lost it, looked away and laughed in an embarrassed manner, which seemed to feed Ruki's amusement at least. 

Reita put his arm around Ruki during Akai One Piece too. He stopped playing and just chilled with him for a bit, which is nice.

The second encore was Kantou, naturally. Ruki screamed 'OMIYA DOGEZA' instead which was adorable, but when he came out, he walked to the center platform, and just.... fainted on top of it, haha. He just flopped on top of it, arms and everything went completely limp, and just lay there. The fans were loling at his drama, and Aoi was poking Reita and motioning to kick Ruki's ass while he was face down on the stage. Reita was sensible and didn't do it, which probably makes him smart, but Aoi was just in that kind of mood that night I guess, haha.

His MC was cute. He was like 'Who was here yesterday too? Eeehh...Aren't you guys tired? You're awfully quiet you know.' Which was just him teasing, because I was deaf with our screams. 

The best bit though, was at the end. We all said our goodbyes, and everyone left. Apart from Aoi. Aoi was alone on the stage, picked up a can of beer, started drinking it, finished it, then picked up a.....a rag and....started cleaning his amp. The fans by this point were like '....AOI, WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU-' After a minute, he stopped, walked over to his mic, and everyone got excited. He was going to do another MC!

He opened his mouth to speak, inhaled and.... promptly shut his mouth, turned around, and left the stage quickly.

You. Troll. >:

Reminds me of the time he posted on twitter 'Off to go eat with my girlfriend' and then soon after posted 'Lol joking. Meeting Kazuki from screw and co, but I love seeing all the fans go crazy.'

Why is this man so awesome.

Anyway, after he left, that was it. I was so excited because I never dreamed of catching a GazettE pick, let alone two. I'll never forget my luck, and I'll never stop appreciating it. Thank you so much guys.

That was my 7th live of the tour. Next is Ichikawa and then Utsunomiya on the 21st and 23rd. God I'm so excited. 

Thank you so much to kotsurin and chivakaza for being so awesome and kind to me once again. m(_ _)m

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    Hey guys, here's the first part of the 'going back to Japan I need money' sale. Today I'm selling 1st Press limited edition of DIM…

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    Unlike Tokyo Dome, I actually got this tour final live report out BEFORE the DVD. I request the high fives. But the most epic shit happened at this…


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