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Here we go again. It never ends. Just as well, because tonight was good. Really good. For those of you worried about Aoi, I can tell you he was in a very good mood tonight, which you'll probably see for yourself after reading this, so don't worry about him. 


Today started off weird. I left home early to pick up chivakaza who was coming into Ueno station so we could go to the live together. I had a spare ticket to give her, and she came from Utsunomiya to see them.  However, we never  found each other. We were circling the station searching at the same time for 2 hours, so we just missed each other ever time. So I made my way to the venue, knowing she'd meet me there with gurenfaith and kotsurin, which she did, luckily. We wanted to buy the mercenside make up bag, but they were all sold out. FAIL. So it was off to the coin lockers to lock our stuff away before the live. 

Not really worth mentioning, but the was a small earthquake while we were putting away our stuff. As long as they're not life threatening, I fucking love earthquakes. We were all like 'WOOO HANDS IN THE AIR' and joined in for the ride. Which lasted all of 3 seconds. Then some short lived cosplay hunting before the doors opened.  Don't you just wan to take them home?


Th set list was great, predictable, but good. Didn't expect BEFORE I DECAY or A MOTH UNDER THE SKIN though.  What surprised me though is there was no Hyena, which is a first. Maybe the world really is ending.  I think this tour is starting to become a re -rendered addition of the ABYSS/LUCY tour. If you've been paying attention to the songs played, there's maybe, 2 ballads, then pure gratuitous rock and metal all the way.

Setlist of Pain:

18.Ride with the ROCKERS
23.LINDA~candydive pinky heaven~

Look at this shit. Look at it. Mmmwffuuuh  ♥

Anyway, GFC ticket placements still rock. 

Tonight I tookchivakaza's GazettE virginity. We were in front of Ruki, slightly off center, and she and kotsurin are massive Reita fans. What's most noteworthy about this live, was the member's moods were just glowing. Really. They were good lives before, but tonight they were on fire, especially Ruki and Aoi. Aoi was always grinning, headbanging the hardest, doing his signature back bend, getting around the stage much more than he did at previous lives. He came out and did an MC too! This never happens, Ruki is god, and only Ruki speaks. His voice seemed deeper than I remember it for some reason. But his high spirits were great that night.

There was one point, during the encore, where he was at the back of the stage on our side. And he stalked towards us slowly with these heavy footsteps, and was staring us down like some kind of snake tamer, and whispering the lyrics with this lewd smirk.He was fully dressed and somehow managed to look like an escort pffft. It only lasted maybe 10 seconds, but it seemed to last hours. It raped my eyes. It makes me glad that's he's not lost his touch as people seem to dramatically think. He also wore his Rock and Read outfit for the encore (???) and that red skirt looks more like a Hakama than anything else. How odd Aoi. You certainly have weird fashion sense, and what's with the multicolored top? You're lucky it suits you in a weird, messed up kinda way haha. 

Ruki really stole the stage tonight. He was at the top his game, and his MCs had us laughing so hard. He was adorable. His little giggles and 'fufufufu~' actions make the whole audience die a little inside. He was flashing us these smiles throughout all his talks, that made you go weak at the knees. He seemed then, to have this almost....childish innocence about him that's almost unheard of after watching him perform songs like My Devil ect, but his smiles were genuine and almost had me in tears. I'm glad to see him so happy.

Kai and Reita had the best stage banter ever, I swear. Their signature song RIDE WITH THE ROCKERS, they high five each other on center stage before they do their thing. Last gig Reita missed Kai's hand like a doof, but tried to act it off like nothing happened. But Kai, sweet, inoccent Kai was having none of it. He lawled, smiles all around before he was all srs business and stubbornly left his hand hanging there,  waiting for his high five. Reita just pointed at him and laughed, to which Kai stuck his foot out, stopping mid motion in kicking Reita's ass. They work so well as a rhythm team, haha. Their grins as they sort of humor each other comfortably makes me smile.

Granted, having said that, they took very long breaks between songs tonight. It was unusual. Uruha's guitar seemed to be the culprit, and in breaks he would even disappear off stage to return in a second, with staff tweaking his things. But despite the occasional tweaks, he was fine, didn't seem to stress about it at all, and rocked out just like the rest of us. They didn't play Hyena tonight (Ikr), but while headbanging to some song, I remember seeing a mess of limbs in my corners of my vision and whipping my head around to see Uruha tangled around Reita. His arms were under Reita's, playing his bass from behind him, and his cheek was nestled comfortably on Reita's upper back, looking off to the side. Reita in return was reaching behind him to strum Uruha's guitar. The smile on Uruha's face was gorgeous. He wasn't smirking, or grinning, but he just looked content. 

Now, before I mention the songs, I'm going to mention HEADACHE MAN first, because this poor, unaware staff member got pwned so hard. The chorus, everyone takes to the aisles and does their thing, spinning, furi, bumping into each other, like a mini moshpit, except without major injuries. At first, only a few people did it, and this one staff member went nuts, kicking us all out of the aisles. Just as he told us to move, the real chorus started, and everyone (and I mean everyone) took to the aisle and threw themselves around. This is what happens at every GazettE live, it's written. One minute he was all '>8D SUPERIOR STAFF, owning bitches since 6pm!' and then he was caught up in it, and couldn't possibly stop the whole hall from their fun. He looked like a kicked puppy. He tried again during Kantou. Same result. Got to respect the man.

PSYCHOPATH and DISCHARGE go really well together in the same live, as the motions are both the same, and continuous. I thought VORTEX, THE SUICIDE CIRCUS and BEFORE I DECAY also coupled well in the same live, as well as VERMIN and A MOTH UNDER THE SKIN for some reason. My body didn't. What's nice about GFC btw, is that before any foreigners were scattered around, and now we're in the same row. We had a good time with the other girls with us, some of which had never seen them before. I think the band really gave them a good experience tonight. We only had a couple of ballads though, so I think for their first live, it was really hard work.

During his MCs, Ruki was making the different floors compete again. He was standing with one hip jutting out and his hand resting on said hip, and oh my god, it was his gayest post ever done. And h managed  to make himself still look hetrosexual while doing it. Mega points Ruki, truly. 

Since this is the 3rd live report out of the possible 10 including the tour final I'm going to, I didn't want to mention the songs which I'd previously mentioned in the last 2 reports, so sorry for he lack of info on them. I thought this was a good night to talk about the members though.

Also sorry this is a day late! I've been really busy!

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