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the GazettE @ 神奈川県民ホール

The last GazettE live I was at was only a tender 3 days ago. I say tender in the most literal sense of the word, because I'm in pain from the physical after effects of the last live. My problem with GazettE is at the time we all have such insane energy that we go overboard, and to top that GazettE have been producing some pretty heavy set lists this tour. Both combined means that worlds collide. Or it sure feels like it.


So anyway, this time the live's in Yokohama. In the morning I was in Shinjuku getting my nails done for the live with some friends, before getting the train to Yokohama and wandering to the live house.  Most people had gotten their merch at TIF on the 10th, so no one really showed up until around 4pm.  We got there earlier so I could buy another boston bag for wnb_angel and meet some friends.


The live opened later tonight, at 6pm, and seated around 2000 people. My heresy seat was the 3rd floor, row 9, but my GFC ticket was at the front...again (starting to see a chain here). I was on Aoi's side, but had the best view of Ruki. (Kai's drums are massive. Jeez o_o)


Anyway, the live. Here was what we had to work with:


Filth in the beauty


Ride with the ROCKERS

LINDA~candydive pinky heaven~

-EN 2-

The worst bit of every live for me is the 3 seconds it takes for the lights to dim and the intro to start. The anticipation kills and makes me want to run into a wall. The SE for this tour is great. While playing Infuse Intro, we scale an inverted Tokyo from every point of view (panoramic, birdseye, vertical, horizontal) makes you feel like you're free falling basically. Then all the member's came out and started with VENOMOUS SPIDER'S WEB again, which was predictable, but who the hell cares. The screen behind Ruki shows all the lyric's Kanji in trippy succession, the only down side is it's physically demanding. I thought I was sore before the live. I just can't help myself when they make it so easy to exhaust myself ♥

I'll try to mention everything new compared to the last live instead of posting a bible long post of repetitive spam. A few things had changed since the live a few days ago.  First was when they played 13STAIRS[-]1. Oh come on. Ruki was standing on that stage like a mini jesus, groaning the numbers up until 12 and singing the song perfectly. The tone of this song is so distorted and grinding it's an eargasm. It was funny because I was just thinking earlier I'd kill to hear it live, and they deliver.  And they delivered in more ways than one. 

Chijou and UNTITLED were played together. There are heavy and headbanging moments in Chijou, but it's the kind of song no one does anything and just listen's.  I still bawl in Untitled, especially the ending. But then Agony comes around and it's action time again, so no rest to weep over things. Until the encore break every song was very demanding of the audience, and I feel like I've just  done aerobics lolol. All the jumping, raising your fists, furi and the like, no wonder all their fans are so skinny.

MY DEVIL ON THE BED if possible got even more lewd than the other night, perhaps because his mother wasn't watching the live lol. When we were waiting for the live to start, kotsurin was pointing out Ruki's cane next to Kai's drumkit, and yes, it still looks as expensive as my apartment. I never knew Ruki could do so many dance moves and physical interpretations of the word 'Masturbate' and 'Sex in Darkness'. Where does he learn this stuff? His dancing with that cane is still amazing. Burlesque boy that he is.

Then for the outro of TOMORROW NEVER DIES, Kai kept drumming. He wouldn't stop until the lights went out and everyone else had left the stage. The encore call was loud. Really loud. People were really hyped that night. They had just played a live last night so we didn't mind the longer encore break, poor guys. But they did so well.

Of course, eventually they came back out, Reita and Kai, for RIDE WITH THE ROCKERS. Kai and Reita ususally give each othr a high five, but Reita missed. Of course he tried to play it off like it was nothing. Kai's facial expressions are unmatched by anyone, I swear. What a guy <3

The new RIDE WITH THE ROCKERS is amazing. The best by far. So heavy, and there's this guitar riff in it that I'm obsessed with. If they change it at the final Ima die a little inside. Ruki came out after the rest of the guys had had their musical way with us, and started RTU. The last part, with the melody, sounds different live as it does on the CD. The bassline is much louder because Reita wins at life, and it changes the whole mood of the song. I love the live version so much more now, sadly. 

Ruki started shouting at one point, and eventually his Engrish translated as 'I am I am I am!' which means Ruder!  I was pretty excited because this song is pure headbanging fanservice. We were next to the isle, so naturally me and kotsurin ran out, grabbed hands to steady each other, and just went nuts. Now that was satisfying.  And it seems to never end. Being at the very front and having the amps leaning over you, the sound is everywhere, and it's booming. The whole violent movement plus blaring live sound, it's hard to describe. It just sort of grabs you in the moment. The whole band were running around just a few feet away but we just lost ourselves in the fun of it. Great live song.

After Ruder was of course Linda, the closing song. No Kantou! What? Regardless, we clapped even though our arms were aching, and since we were in front of Aoi who claps in a manner that insists if you don't, you're a horrible person, we tried to push out the rest of our adrenaline. Linda has it all. Clapping, furi, headbanging, there's something everyone in it. It's really a great song to close any gig with for Gazette, but playing also means the end is soon, which is depressing. We did our partner headbanging in the isle, and took part in the bump around in the isle like idiots, and just had a really good time with everyone. When it was over they threw pics, drum sticks and water bottles as usual, in a manner that makes me smile because it looks like they're dropping fish food into a tank full of Paranas. Fans go nuts for that sort of stuff...

Then they left, and the gig was over. Staff came out onto the stage, and I was depressed they didn't play my favorite live song, Kantou. They played it at Nagoya, so me and Julia were like 'Eh? You're joking right?' so the crowd started shouting for it. The staff looked confused for a minute, and when the shouting had gone on for maybe 10 minutes at full volume, the band came out like '@__@' to 'O:' to ' >8D' and Ruki had this grin as if he'd just taken over the world. And lo and behold, they played Kantou for us! 10 minutes of pure fun on the floor of the aisle, we gave it everything we had. Ruki moved around a lot, and abused water bottles to his heart's content. My friend ended up getting his water bottle thrown down her top by accident, while the girl on the other side of me ended up finding Uruha's pick after it bounced of her chest. Lucky boobs anyone?

Kantou is a song that never ends. I can't remember how long we were in the front aisle, whipping our hair around and ignoring the need for water. Since we were so close to the stage we got some of the heat of the stagelights too, but it doesn't matter at the time I suppose lol. It wasn't under they truly finished the gig, said thank you so many times and left that the exhaustion came. 

The rest can be described in more notable, shorter events, which I'll post at the end here to save you all the trouble.
  • Ruki kissed Uruha's head in Hyena. He seemed to contemplate it for a minute before deciding it was the right choice of action.
  • There was quite a bit of self molestation on Ruki's part that night. You'd have to ask him why.
  • Ruki said his bad habit were his 'fufufufu' laughs. I'd never heard him do that before. But during the MC's,  he was like '.....fufufufufufu~' and it was just...adorable. <3
  • Kai came over to throw drum sticks but dropped one. THAT SMILE. It's a genre of entertainment all on it's own!
  • Speaking of Kai, he slipped up in one of the first few songs. He missed one hit, but it made me smile none the less.
  • Ruki's MCs were great. He likes to make the floors compete with each other in noise, he knows how to get a crowd going.
  • Ruki's encore gown is leopard print. Anyone surprised? xD
  • This live was pretty up close and personal. Sometimes I think Aoi seeks eye contact on purpose lol.
  • Ruki seemed much happier tonight <3 success. 
  • They changed some things. Like when the last song is played, they don't just leave the stage. Kai keeps drumming for a good couple of minutes, and then leaves last.
  • Ruki's lost weight since Tokyo Dome, for sure.
  • Headache man didn't have a moshpit this time, but the dancing around was still as fun.

Next live is tomorrow. See you then. 

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