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My Journal is a pretty open place, I'll post any live reports, translations, scans ect publicly, but if you want to follow my weird ass life then feel free to drop a comment and I'll add you back! 

Scottish/French. Lives in Japan. Die Hard GazettE fan. Have an insane love for sweet things, hot chocolate, guitars,  music, travelling, dressing up, going on outragous adventures, partying and corrupting the youth of today. Hate any food with a condom consistency, terrible at re-heating food and/or using a microwave, keep me away from sharp pointy objects and make sure I eat enough and get enough sleep please ♥

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Ruki [REECH]


Hey guys, here's the first part of the 'going back to Japan I need money' sale. Today I'm selling 1st Press limited edition of DIM SCENE, the Tokyo Dome condom set, the bear brick from the DECADE, and the tissue box from the decade as well. Mint condition and unwrapped.

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Cow [mom? dad?]

Ask me to take a photo of anything.

I tried this before, and it flopped for so many reasons (damn lol), but now I have 2 cameras, my laptop is working, and I just wanna take loads of photos. You can ask me to photograph whatever you wish, from my homework, to my lunch, my keitai/ mobile phone, what I order when I'm in starbucks or even my feet if you want to get really weird. Posts like this are fun.

Anything, anything at all:

GO  ♥


People seemed to really like the idea of me and a friend doing a profit-free GazettE shopping service, haha. I'm going to 4 more lives, plus the tour final. So we really don't mind buying people stuff, since we'll be there anyway. We made our own comm for it, to make things easier. So go and check it out if you're wanting anything from Japan GazettE wise. 


I don't know why that name isn't in the Oxford English Dictionary yet...but Enjoy. We're rather proud of it.