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Sex, Drugs and Sausage Rolls.
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30th-Jan-2018 04:19 am - FRIENDS ONLY. Orly
Ruki [REECH]

My Journal is a pretty open place, I'll post any live reports, translations, scans ect publicly, but if you want to follow my weird ass life then feel free to drop a comment and I'll add you back! 

Scottish/French. Lives in Japan. Die Hard GazettE fan. Have an insane love for sweet things, hot chocolate, guitars,  music, travelling, dressing up, going on outragous adventures, partying and corrupting the youth of today. Hate any food with a condom consistency, terrible at re-heating food and/or using a microwave, keep me away from sharp pointy objects and make sure I eat enough and get enough sleep please ♥

All credits to kuribati 

21st-Jun-2012 06:00 pm - SELLING SHIT.
Ruki [REECH]

Hey guys, here's the first part of the 'going back to Japan I need money' sale. Today I'm selling 1st Press limited edition of DIM SCENE, the Tokyo Dome condom set, the bear brick from the DECADE, and the tissue box from the decade as well. Mint condition and unwrapped.

Prices and pictures under the cut.Collapse )

30th-Nov-2011 09:41 pm - Ask me to take a photo of anything.
Cow [mom? dad?]
I tried this before, and it flopped for so many reasons (damn lol), but now I have 2 cameras, my laptop is working, and I just wanna take loads of photos. You can ask me to photograph whatever you wish, from my homework, to my lunch, my keitai/ mobile phone, what I order when I'm in starbucks or even my feet if you want to get really weird. Posts like this are fun.

Anything, anything at all:

GO  ♥
25th-Oct-2011 11:30 pm - GAZETTOPHILIA
People seemed to really like the idea of me and a friend doing a profit-free GazettE shopping service, haha. I'm going to 4 more lives, plus the tour final. So we really don't mind buying people stuff, since we'll be there anyway. We made our own comm for it, to make things easier. So go and check it out if you're wanting anything from Japan GazettE wise. 


I don't know why that name isn't in the Oxford English Dictionary yet...but Enjoy. We're rather proud of it.
Ruki [REECH]
Here we go again. It never ends. Just as well, because tonight was good. Really good. For those of you worried about Aoi, I can tell you he was in a very good mood tonight, which you'll probably see for yourself after reading this, so don't worry about him. 
15th October, Tokyo.Collapse )
Cow [mom? dad?]

(Official pic. There are heresy ones, but for obvious reasons, I can't upload those)

LIVE REPORT 10th October The GazettE live.Collapse )
Ruki [REECH]
Today, I went and had a look at the GazettE exhibition. It was on the ground floor of Tower Records Shibuya, which until sometime, was the biggest CD shop in the world. No, seriously. It's just a big skyscraper selling nothing but CDs, and showcasing GazettE stuff.

Now, it's wierd, when I saw the manikins with their Tokyo Dome costumes. When I first saw GazettE in real life and not behind a screen, the first thing I notice (in general) is their height, eyes, and sweat (at lives). These 3 things really seem to solidify the fact they're in front of me, and not behind a 2D screen. A long time ago, a person said to me 'You know, I'm Aoi's exact height'. And I couldn't help but stare at them for like, half an hour thinking 'Jesus.' Haha. Anyway. The point is the manikins were all the same height, but it was still weird for me having a solid figure wearing their Tokyo Dome costumes.

First, on my way there, I got my way obscured by this van with a TV on it's side, playing THE SUICIDE CIRCUS, VORTEX, SHIVER ect. I wish my neighbourhood had vans like this, it's way more exciting than the icecream truck (excuse the blurry pic, the truck was moving, naturally)

That truck, will cause many car crashes in it's time.


BLAAAAACollapse )
17th-Aug-2011 01:13 pm - May you rest in peace now.
Ruki [REECH]
I mourn those that  never knew you.

Recently, a cherished friend of mine, known on LJ as chizurushin , passed away.

Today, I pulled myself out of bed after a good night with some friends. We spoke of how it feels to lose people close to you, and how we all deal with it in different ways. How death comes unexpected. Because we're young; we always have our whole life a head of us, don't we? Shin was a guy who always knew what to say and when to say it, who always put his all into everything and always showed the most genuine and heartfelt concern when a friend was down. He was one of the most genuine people I'd ever met. I was going to see him in Tokyo after he got back from Taiwan...I can't believe it's never going to happen now. Imagining life without him there somewhere is a foreign concept.

He'd never been in the best health. But coming from a guy like Shin, he always seemed invincible. Through surgery and the like, he just...got on with it, he did it. I don't believe this driving but gentle personality is anything to do with his being Japanese, but a determination I only wished I could have as a person. Up until even just a few days before his death, he was close with his friends, everything seemed normal. And it all ended with:


If anyone was to describe shin in one word, it would be Ganbatte. I remember wishing him luck. I never thought that this time...this time, he wouldn't come back.

You were always so genuine, driven, artistic, successful, and everybody loved you Shin.

RIP. We will never forget you. 

9th-Aug-2011 04:23 pm - 飛行機乗っていよう
Ruki [REECH]
Chocolate covered marshmallows are the best thing next to sliced bread, I'm convinced. The problem is people know I like them and keep buying me them for me, to the point even just looking at them makes me sick </3 They're too much like Asakusa at new year. 

I also just booked my flight to Japan Land, and somehow, even though it's really short notice managed to get an insanely cheap ticket. Also kind of happy cause I'm transferring at Paris, so I'll be able to see all my friends and family for a few hours before getting the next plane out to Tokyo. I might end up staying another month extra if funds allow, though I doubt it. No one seems to have been able to make it to this tour, but just in case, I'll be going to these lives:

10月10日 東京国際フォーラム ホールA 
10月13日    神奈川県民ホール 大ホール 
10月15日 オリンパスホール八王子    
10月18日 千葉県文化会館  
10月19日 鴻巣市文化センター (クレアこうのす)  

I'm going to write a review when I've been. I've bought two tickets, one with my Heresy, and one with my GFC membership. No body seems to know the difference in placement between the two, so I'm going to figure it out and kind of experiment between the two for these 5 lives. I'm hoping we'll settle this on going mystery once and for all. 
For those who aren't coming to the lives, I'll see you at the 10th anniversary if you're going.
9th-Jun-2011 12:05 am - almossstttt
Uruha [Bamf]

I really wanna go back to new year just to have some more candied apples, grapes and strawberries. We used to have a chocolate fountain, I remember everyone used to stick marshmallows, strawberries and banana chunks on toothpicks and let the melted chocolate run over them. I love candied fruit, even more than manufactured sweets. Makes me feel kinda festive.

JLPT exams are soon, and although within the week I'll have finished my studies, I don't think I'll take the exam because I can't afford it. Until I get the N2 it'll be kinda pointless anyway, haha. I've been putting off the last few grammar points mostly because I've been visiting the studio more, to do even more studying (if it can be called that). My 'boss/tutor' has a massive party house, with a sauna and a party room, and an insane array of musical instruments and with so much sound and visual equipment, it just screams 'work later', so that's what usually happens. Ah well. When the funding comes through we've been hired for a job in Shanghai, China, so I guess we'll just have to work when the time comes.

I'm gonna re-write my Tokyo Dome thing, and might do some other jrock live reports. I'll stick them under a cut so you can avoid the spam, but after watching The DVD again, I realised 'Oh my god, I show up 12 times o_o'. My Camera got lost so I don't have photos, so I want to add my screen cap moments . And of course, I'll write down my legendary Christmas eve in the gay part of the red light district with wnb_angel  and the....insanely strong shots we had. But that's another story ;D

Evidence, I do, occasionally, work ;_;
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